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Here's how I help Widowed Moms...

I'm Krista St-Germain, Certified Life Coach for Widowed Moms. When my husband was killed by a drunk driver, I struggled to imagine how I could ever love life without him. I was only 40 and all of my dreams for the future included him. 

Now, as a widow, mom, grief expert, coach and host of The Widowed Mom Podcast, my mission is to teach others about grief and healing so they can truly love their lives again. 

Every day I coach widowed moms like you  and teach them the principles of Post Traumatic Growth so they can truly feel happy again instead of just going through the motions. 

No matter what you've been through, it's entirely possible for you to love your life again!
"Krista's program was my saving grace. She entered into my life at an instrumental crossroads between therapy and taking the next step for me to confidently move forward. I was up late one night, not able to sleep, and somehow found her on Facebook. After she began coaching me, I realized how monumental our connection of losing our spouses really was even though we were essentially strangers. 

Her approach and zest for life were inspiring to me. Honestly, I could go on and on about the benefits in working with her. I offer you this information because if she can help you like she helped me then we all win. In a world of ups and downs I am very thankful for this win. Keep up the amazing work, Krista!" 

 - Deanna V., Fellow Widow
Don't let your past limit what's possible in your future. All widowed moms can feel truly happy again. Let me teach you how.
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